Why buy from you?

We spend a huge amount of time living and breathing this store: sourcing, researching and obtaining the best environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly products that the world has to offer. After vetting, seeking external accreditations, and heated discussion, we finally make sure the product is priced fairly, by mustering up the highest discounts and all-encompassing offers/deals we think you'd like. We aim to do this daily and have no plans of slowing down. This means you can rest easy knowing that we've done our homework, and your hard-earned dollars are going where you think they are, rather than plastic in the ocean and CO2 in the air.


How long will my package take to arrive?

We source our items from all over the world to ensure we do not compromise our environmentally sustainable eco-friendly ethos. This means your order will take 10-20 days to arrive, if it hasn't arrived after 20 days (very unlikely), please email us at and we'll take care of you.


Why do items within my order arrive separately and sometimes at different times?

When you place an order with us, we make sure the items you buy are ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable, and eco-friendly. All of that jazz. This means we often have to get these items (some handmade to order) from different places all of the world. But don't worry, they will all arrive within 10-20 days of you placing you order, and you'll be supplied with tracking numbers for each item so you know what's happening every step of the way.


What happens if I want a refund? 
You are entitled to all the statutory projections afforded to consumers under applicable laws. Click here for more information. In addition to this, please contact us as soon as possible at if you are unhappy with any purchase as we will arrange an appropriate solution - because there's one thing we care about just as much as the environment, and that's you.


How do I contact the team at Viva La Dirt?
We prefer email contact at, although we do accept carrier pigeons at your own risk. We will typically get back to you within 1-2 business days. In the case of pigeon, it may take a lot longer. 


How do you ensure your products are environmentally friendly and sustainable?

We search for suppliers who have external accreditation and/or who we've personally vetted. The materials are inspected, researched, and discussed at Viva La Dirt Headquarters through an eco-friendly paradigm; and after checking for an appropriate amount of cuteness, for relevant products, it's straight to our store with a bio-degradable bow on top.


Why is your store so darn funky? 
We want to attract and maintain a funky community. Be true to yourself, have a laugh, help the environment while you're here, and occasionally write mildly confusing, entertaining/offensive copy - it's the great Australian dream.