Gankmaster Green?

Gankmaster Green aka Max the Cat

Who is Gankmaster Green?

In the not too distant future, a house cat named Max grew tired of watching the world turn into a barren wasteland at the hands of human consumerism. In a daring plan, he makes a spacecraft out of household items (and plutonium) to travel the vastness of space in search for eco-friendly products and materials to save Earth. But someone, something, is not too far behind him. Watch his upcoming adventures in a new web series launching soon. Like our Facebook page and sign up to our mailing list!

Why Gankmaster Green?

Gankmaster Green is not only our mascot, but also inspiration for the products we stock at Viva la Dirt. We all have a responsibility to think beyond our own lifetimes in Earth, not just for our own children, or humans, but the animal life that also lives with us. Thinking about how your consumption impacts the wider ecology is what Gankmaster Green would like you to do to help him save the world.

Gankmaster Green aka Max the Cat