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Our range of stainless steel straws

We strive to find the best eco-friendly products for design-loving people every day (except Sundays)

Viva la Dirt is an Australian store, shipping worldwide, focused on putting the ‘fun’ back in “environmentally sustainable” (the dictionary people thwart us at every turn). In the meantime, benefit from the best-priced, inventive, and beautifully designed eco-friendly products we have to offer, before it’s too late. Just ask Gankmaster Green below.


Gankmaster Green aka Max the Cat - Viva la Dirt's mascot

Max the Cat AKA Gankmaster Green needs you

In the not too distant future, Max the Cat leaves Earth, a dried up husk of it’s former environmental beauty, to search the galaxy for eco-friendly answers in an attempt to save our blue planet. It is during this search for sustainable products that he sends back the perfect items and blog posts to us at Viva la Dirt in the past. But will the trash monsters track him down before he can save us? Will the humans even listen? Check out our store, get a present or two, and sign up for the newsletter... because we’ll get to see first-hand what happens in his upcoming web series! Stay tuned!

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